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- Kunststoffverarbeitung - Werkzeugbau

- Molding injection and Development

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Welcome to KTH Yildiz

We are your reliable partner for plastics processing on highest level. On these sides you can inform about our products and services without obligation.

Challenges grow with the idea.

The KTH Yildiz has been profiled in the field of plastics beyond the country`s borders. We are constantly in an innovative development process order to expand our market. Modern machines and qualified employees make it possible to manufacture efficiently and economically.

Plastics engineering for the future

The interaction of humans, nature and technology in complex systems creates free space for more quality of life, as the synergies are productively used of economic rationality, technical authority and ecological responsibility.

Our goal of the lasting enterprise development is defined in 4 principles:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Constant improvements
  • Content workers
  • Environmental protection